Best Telescope Models for Stargazing Galaxies

best telescope to see galaxies

Best Telescope to See Galaxies

There is one telescope for every need. With the bewildering number of telescopes now available in the market, choosing one to satiate your astronomy needs can be a tough choice.

If you are looking to watch galaxies and nebulae through your scope, this post will help you select one to buy. And know that none of these come really cheap. Cheap telescopes are often a gimmick and do not give you desired results because of their poor optics quality.

If you want to keep up your interest in stargazing, keep a good budget to invest in a quality telescope. It may not be exorbitantly pricey, but it will be worth the price.

Similarly, you also need to have realistic expectations from your scope at the same time. Since human eyes do not dim colors really well, whatever you get to see will be blue-grayish in color.

Also, you should focus on luminosity and will see galaxies best in dark, clear skies.

Choose the Best Telescope to See Galaxies

Orion StarMax 90mm Mak-Cass Telescope

This one is a powerful telescope from the house of Orion. It has a 6.3mm eyepiece and a focal length of 1250mm, with an aperture of 90mm. It also has a 25mm eyepiece included in its accessories which is excellent to view night skies in a less magnified manner.

It also has a 10mm eyepiece that helps to view a magnified part of the sky that you choose to view from the 25mm eyepiece. It increases magnification from 50x to straightaway 125x.

The 6.3mm eyepiece further increases the magnification to 198x and can be used to clearly view star clusters and galaxies. It also comes with a 90°-star diagonal for comfortable viewing of the skies, and an EZ finder.

This model also comes with a sturdy field tripod that can be adjusted anywhere from 20 inches to 34.5 inches.

what is the best telescope to see galaxies

Celestron NexStar 8 SE

This is an extremely compact Schmidt-Cassegrain model that comes with a go-to mount. Its 8-inch aperture provides excellent viewing of deep sky objects like galaxies and star clusters, for example, the Whirlpool Galaxy and Hercules Globular Cluster.

Its mount is fully automated and contains a database of more than 40k celestial objects that automatically tracks and locates heavenly bodies for you to view without going through the hassles of aligning. It has a single-fork arm design and can be disassembled as and when needed, increasing its portability factor.

However, the only downside is its hefty price. It is an expensive scope from the manufacturer Celestron, and if you are not ready to spend that amount, you can opt for its 6 SE model with strong features and a lower price.

Orion 10016 StarBlast 6 Astro Reflector Telescope

This one is a point-and-view tabletop reflector telescope, which is one of the best choices for those on a budget.

Its ease of use not only makes it popular among beginners, but its versatility is also great for seasoned viewers. It has a 6-inch aperture that gives a clear view of not only planets but also deep sky objects like galaxies, nebulae and star clusters.

It comes with two eyepieces of 25mm and 10mm, as well as EZ finder, eyepiece rack and Starry Night software.

This scope comes assembled in the box and weighs 23.5lbs, making it a great option to pick up and go.